Kim Bruno, Petaluma (Buyer)

"I was introduced to Eric Frost by Karl Bundenson. When it became time to use a broker to purchase a new home, Eric was our first choice. While we reviewed the market by accessing online tools, Eric was always available to focus our search and provided, upon request, disclosure packages. Despite our persistent requests for information and market insights, Eric was available to discuss strategy and pricing. His market insights became invaluable.

Despite having bid on two properties without success, Eric was available to discuss bidding strategies when a new property became a possible match. He provided quick access to the property and encouraged our interest. His counsel on timing proved invaluable as we were able to make a strong bid when it was necessary. The strong bid proved to be successful.

When discussing Eric's knowledge, it doesn't stop with discussing location and pricing. It also includes an understanding of governmental regulations, as well as insights about the quality of a property's construction and utility.

Eric is a rare asset and we were lucky to have him representing us."

Rich and Louise Huegel (Buyer)

"Eric made the purchase process extremely smooth! His ability to stay on top of what was needed at any one given time and thoroughly explain everything to us made the buying of our place as stress free as possible.

Eric truly exemplifies what a real estate agent should be! Professional, always looking out for his client and listening to the needs at hand. His attention to detail was outstanding!

We would highly recommend anyone without hesitation to come and use your services. As we have already expressed to Eric, this is not our last sale/purchase and we will be back!"

Kim Gomez, Petaluma (Seller)

"We were referred to Eric Frost 15 years ago when we bought our first house. We had such a great experience then, we didn't hesitate when it was time to find a new agent to sell our house and look for a new one. Eric was so patient with our slow pace and gave great advice as to what we needed to update or change in order to get our house ready. We will recommend him to anyone who needs a kind, down-to-earth agent with years of local experience and wisdom.

We really couldn't ask for anything more. Eric always responded quickly and with the information we needed. Everything went so smoothly, it was amazing. Eric fielded questions and went above and beyond in terms of delivering papers for us or reaching out with questions for the seller and the buyer. He was a joy to work with. Thank you, Eric, for a truly great experience!"

Herve (Buyer)

"Eric is just so awesome, Honest, Candid Thoughtful. I will recommend him over and over again."

Anthony (Seller)

"We did a lot of research re sales of ranch properties in sonoma county and saw that Eric was involved with a number of transactions. We had a couple of conversations with him over the phone and it was very clear he knew the area well as well as the intricacies of ranch sales. We couldn't have made a better choice, he was fantastic, super helpful and very easy to work with! He has an excellent demeanor and interacts very well with prospective buyers, agents and tenants. Eric also has an great network of industry and trade professionals who were also very helpful."

Kathy John, Santa Cruz (Buyer)

"Eric did a wonderful job helping us to ultimately get a property. He took the time to really understand what we were looking for and to tailor our search to these types of properties. He showed tons of patience and a good sense of humor to help us, as new to the real estate market, in identifying the pros and cons of different properties. His local knowledge was a great asset."

Rich Huegel, Tiburon (Seller)

"Eric is the reason I work with Century 21 Bundesen. He is an overall great guy who knows the business, the county and market. His insights and advice is greatly appreciated. I've worked with Eric for over 10 years and look forward to our next transaction."

Trisha and Alexander Griffus, Windsor Ca. (Seller)

"Eric is one of the most professional people I've ever had the opportunity to work with. He is courteous, forthright and absolutely trustworthy. His integrity and professionalism are unquestionable!"

Kyle Orth (Seller)

"As an Employee of a large financial institution, I was required to solicit proposals from three separate Brokers. The submission made by Eric Frost and Karl Bundesen was by far the most impressive. The submission gave a wonderful illustration of: expected price, list price, commission structure, marketing plans, expected buyer, zoning concerns, preliminary title reports, soil reports, local knowledge, water reports, etc.

I notice other submissions were largely "cookie cutter" submissions that largely only talk to the Broker's success. The tailored submission was very professional and set them apart from the rest.

Eric Frost was extremely professional throughout the entire sales process. There were occasions where Eric needed to think critically and solve problems immediately. Eric always seemed to give his immediate attention to the issue at hand and get the deal done. Eric even made multiple trips to the PRMD to pull historic documents which were crucial to the deal closing on time. Thank you Eric for a job well done and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

I know it wasn't easy working with two Co-Trustees but Eric was always understanding of the process and respectful of the Seller's internal parameters.

It was a pleasure working with Eric Frost and Century 21 Bundesen. I would absolutely recommend their services to others."

Meagan- Petaluma, Ca (Seller)

"Eric was very professional and a pleasure to work with. We wanted a high price and he got it for us. We will definitely be recommending the whole Bundensen office to family and friends. Eric thank you for helping us work towards our dream."

JC, Petaluma (Buyer)

"I could not recommend Eric more highly. He is extremely knowledgable about his properties and the area at large. Throughout the entire process, from the first showing to closing, Eric & his office was very accommodating, attentive & friendly. It was our first real estate purchase, we had tons of questions & Eric was always able to dig up an answer. Even after closing, Eric has kept lines of communication open should we need to know where the best spots around the county are.

Thank you Eric!"

Nick Petaluma CA (Buyer)

"Eric Frost is honest and knowledgeable. In the market like the one we are in now it's not about salesmanship it's about understanding the property you're buying or selling. Eric's knowledge of the local area complications with Country property etc. make eric a very strong agent.

I would recommend Eric to anyone that wants to learn something about what they're buying or selling. If your less interested in slick salesmanship and more focused on content Eric is a great choice!"